Talking about cancer in your Community

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Talking about cancer with family and friends can be difficult and what can make conversations challenging, is when you are faced with stigmas related to cancer. You are not alone if you face cultural stigmas when faced with a cancer diagnosis, it's something Saddiya and Nahida share with the Community. Click this link to read their full story.

Saddiya and Nahida share their personal experiences with supporting loved ones living with cancer and how they are now supporting others in their community.


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Saddiya: People are afraid to use the word cancer in our Community. They immediately panic the moment they hear the word.

Nahida: I even noticed that whenever we use the word “cancer” in front of my mother, she would say, “why are they saying things like that?” or “It’s not good to say things like that”.

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Have you experienced some challenges when talking about cancer? If so, this forum is a safe space for you to talk about these and hopefully you'll feel less alone by hearing about the experiences of others. You are welcome to post below or start your own discussion

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