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Hi, I'm a 53 Yr old guy woman with a lovely long term partner. I have BC and mets in liver and bones stage 4 so incurable. 

I've been thinking of ways to make sure my partner is protected when  I'm no longer here.

Have written the will, spoke to pension people and made sure I nominated her to have my pension. It also sounds like a good idea to have some kind of joint bank account and our names on a utility bill because some of the pensions want you to prove your relationship... I know it's crazy we still have to do this.

If it's what you want make sure you also nominate your partner with a will, lasting power of attorney for property, financial, health and welfare. 

Sometimes i still can't believe I'm doing this!

Anyone out there have any other top tips I should cover?  I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts. 

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    Thanks for taking the time to offer your tips on things to organise and I'm sure others will find your suggestions useful. 

    I can see that you're also a member of the living with incurable cancer group so you might like to post this there as well. The other members of that group may well have other "top tips" that they'd be happy to pass on to you.

    Macmillan has this information which you might like to look through about sorting out practical and financial affairs. It may cover things that you haven't thought about.


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