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I have just found out that my partner currently living in South Africa has breast cancer and secondary cancer. We have been tog 6 years and are engaged and I feel so helpless and useless. I lost my father to cancer and a close friend who has cancer told me this week she has less than a yr. I feel so angry and lost and all over the place with no direction and no anchor to hold onto. I am so afraid I will never get to see her again . 

  • I'm so sorry to hear about everything that's happening.  It must be especially awful not being able to see her or be there to support her.  I lost my father to cancer too, at quite a young age.  It's such a horrible disease. To have your friend going through it at the same time, it's no wonder you feel angry and all over the place.

    One of the most helpful pieces of advice I got after my diagnosis was to "live one day at a time", and to try and avoid dwelling on the future.  It's not always easy but it has helped ground me, lessened my worries, and gain some better control of my emotions. 

    I hope you find a way to see her soon (hugs)

  • I am sorry to hear that. 
    please talk to me if u want to . 
    I am going through similar situation . So I can very well relate to u.

    let me know  if u would like to talk. 

  • Hi sunflower

    Thank you for your message. Sorry to hear u are goin thru the same as me either way it’s sucks. 

    I would like to talk I think it would help. Right now my head is all over the place that’s for sure.