GP has suggested cancer -no real plan

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Hi folks,

Complex health history and was in pursuing referrals relating to respiratory. GP queried whether I had received abdominal or pelvic scan following my pulmonary embolism earlier in the year, which I hadn't. No CA125 either. Was also turned away from smear test at 25 for not having P in V sex.

I said I would go to CliniQ for a smear test and she said she would contact the person who dealt with my PE to confirm I didn't have the scans we discussed.

Having now processed this, it seems really bizarre that this is all the plan in place. Once she gets confirmation no scan was had, I have no idea if she will book me one. Will that be via the GP or oncology etc.? I have now emailed these questions to her, but it seems odd to me that she threw this out there without much of a plan to investigate, in my opinion. Particularly as the main purpose of the meeting was as a complaint in respect of the GPs failing to treat me in accordance with my needs as a disabled person. With regards to the respiratory stuff she made a big deal about saying I need a care plan in place (yes, that's what you should have done ages ago), but then throws cancer out there with no real plan.

Am I overthinking or is this a bit outside the norm?

Thanks in advance

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    As you know the online community is divided up into different support groups. From your post I'm not sure what type of cancer you're being investigated for but if you'd like to tell me I could give you a direct link to the group where you could chat to others. Alternatively you could look through this list and choose the appropriate one for you.


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