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Hi, i’m 5 years in to my journey. Surgery ,nuked twice , Degarelix and bicalutamide 150 daily . 3 months ago I fired my team as my PSA shot up . So m done with the team endless tests and the continual stress of asking for test results . So moving forward i’m. on my own ..It’s a gray feeling . Got lymph mets and mega fatigue. The worst part of all this is the body changes . Oh well thanks for letting me rant . Take care xx

  • Hi . Sorry to read you're having a tough time. It must be awful when you lose faith in the team providing your care and it must differ so much from health trust to health trust. I can only praise my own in Lincolnshire for my cancer and my husband's for his prostate cancer. You shouldn't have to continually have to press for test results.

    You could contact the PALS for some advice. Link below: I'm not sure about the wisdom of going this alone so also have a chat with the Macmillan Support Helpline, freephone number shown below.

    I'm now free of cancer but experiencing quite a few annoying side effects probably due to Brachytherapy. I frequently have days when I get up and wish I could turn the clock back 2 years and just get up feeling normal.

    Good to rant and get it off your chest, 

    Sending hugs, B xx

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