WTF has happened???

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My life partner of 28 years has recently been diagnosed with myeloma and another complicating disease.  Suddenly we’re talking about life expectancy in months, possibly even weeks if the chemo doesn’t have the impact hoped.  14 days in hospital so far and no visiting rights,  Scared about the present, even more scared about the future. Struggling with the inevitable discussions about wills, funerals, and the lives we had planned.

  • Oh  I am so sorry to hear this. Incredibly difficult at the best of times, but no visiting rights must make this seems impossible.  I hope you find the strength to give your partner the support they need and I hope the chemo starts to have a positive impact.  Please remember that if you need support for yourself, you can call the Macmillan helpline or use their chat function. Sometimes we all need someone to listen and maybe this can help you right now.  Wishing you positivity and hope

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