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my wife of 32 years is just going through the process of diagnosis. She was admitted via A&E after GP bloods showed CA125 was at 126 and Calcium at 2.86. It seem very likely that she has Peritoneal cancer and has. Palpable mass in her lower abdomen. She’s a very quiet woman and tends to ‘go into herself’ where I need to talk. We are both ex NHS an know that this is a difficult cancer at best. I suppose I am just so scared that I will lose her, and as she only had her biopsy yesterday we have to wait again for results. Any advice on how I can help her? And me I guess!

  • Hi @para. You might  think about joinng  the family and friends group,to get support for yourself.


    Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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    I am Steve and usually to be found hanging around in the family and friends group as it is my wife with the cancer. A diagnosis is often a very hard part of the journey - fear of the unknown is really bad but sometimes for NHS staff who have often experienced life at the very hard end it can be extra easy to think of when things did not work out as well as we might like.

    My wife's cancer is Leiomyosarcoma and to say the diagnosis was less than smooth would perhaps be a rather large underestimate - but that is another story...

    Well done for working out that in our role as carer/supporter we need help - that took me rather longer and I ended up in floods of tears. If we look at Your feelings when someone has cancer we see how typical our emotions can be and certainly I had to learn how to look after myself so I would be any use at all. Your wife may well be trying to process her emotions and be concerned about the worry they are causing. Talking really can help and it amazing how much easier that can be with a complete stranger who is trained in listening.



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  • Wooow..wish u both. Best of luck…

    always here for u