Hello husband diagnosed with lung cancer

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Anyone out there feeling terrible and alone ? 
I do .

my other half got diagnosed with a stage 4lung cancer and given a 1year prognosis. 
these informations still feels surreal and haunting me everyday. 
we were so happy and doing very well until this hits us. 
I love him so much and he does the same in return. 
I will miss him forever . 
I hate this slow torture .

  • Hi again

    I'm sorry to read how terrible and alone you feel but I'm hoping that by posting in the various groups within 'our' community it helps you to feel less alone.

    I can see that you've had some lovely replies from others who understand how you feel in the carers only and family and friends groups and I hope that their replies have gone some way in making you feel less alone.

    Sending virtual (((hugs)))

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  • I totally understand how you are feeling. I can’t imagine a world without my partner. He is my world. How have things been ? 

  • Things are going on . 
    he is getting weaker day by day . 
    every night I cry from unknown truth of what future may unfold. 
    I am reaching to an unbearable stage.