Days are extremely difficult.

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Wooow how fast the time has changed my life from one extreme to the other.

currently totally lost and don’t even know what to say or do…

feeling extremely lonely.

just hanging.

will my husband leave me ,if so why it’s a slow torture …?

  • Hi Again Sunflower21 can I ask why you have posted n this thread?


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  • Because I am gay . I have posted threads in friends and family , carer only as “same sex sex partner having stage 4lung cancer “.

    and the moderator suggested in an email , I should try LGBTQ forum too. 

  • My apologies for my question it was just that I could see that you were posting in a few of the threads and wondered if that was what you wanted or whether I could have helped direct you to other threads.


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  • You must be traumatized by the diagnosis... your husband married you because he loves you. I'm sure he will look after and care for you, both mentally and physically. Cancer is a very scary experience. The mental torture is overwhelming. 

    I see your post is from almost a month ago. I truly hope you are doing ok and have been able to talk your concerns out with your husband. 

  • Hey thanks for ur reply .

    I am so lucky that he is still pushing through it. 
    we enjoy every moment together and medically things are only getting worst day by day. 
    Mir is what it is . 
    I am still scared and nervous but feeling stronger as well 

  • I can relate to how scared you must feel. Cancer, where ever it is in our bodies is.

    I'm only just starting my journey with Cancer. The MDT are meeting today to discuss the results of biopsy and scans. I'm feeling anxious, but really need to know the extent so I can start getting mentally prepared for what ever fight I have ahead of me. 

    I hope all is going ok with the support of your husband. It also affects our loved ones just as much. Just in a different way. We endure the horror of cancer, they endure having to watch us endure the cancer. 

    Have you got an operation date and it treatment for your lung cancer? 


  • Hey  first of all I am sending u my best wishes and lots of awesomeness. Cuz u will need it.and keep ur self strong as much as u crab . Please keep eating lot of food whatever u want . Mostly alkaline foods . During treatments when appetite loss, push yourself to eat. 
    I am also trying turkey tail mushrooms on my husband as side supplement. 
    not sure wether it  does anything but it is meant to if u kind find the right product . 

    my husbands lung cancer is inoperable, it is stage 4small cell  , so doctors suggested chemo/immunotherapy. We did 4 courses and treatments didn’t work. 
    now we have done 10 radiotherapy sessions and today is the last day. 
    hopefully it has somewhat at least stopped the growth of cancer . 

    times are very hard but also I feel like it makes me extremely level of resistance is building up within me . 

    Wish u a great day .