Help with decorating?

My mum has been diagnosed with lung and anal cancer,  she's pretty much bed bound these days and has just finished radiotherapy. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a charity that could help me decorate I know it sounds stupid but where I've had to move mum downstairs to be closer to the kitchen and bathroom and I work full time aswell as care for her I have no energy and my living room is cold and full of crap, I managed to paint one was 3 weeks ago and just want one room I can go to feel normal? 

Any suggestions would be appreciated 

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear about your mum - but I have to say I do not find your request sounds stupid at all. We all need to have a little space and some time to feel normal because otherwise we can break and that does not help anyone.

    Sorry though I do not know of anything but wonder if you approached you local citizens advice service they may be aware of support services near you that might be able to help.



  • Look up Care and Repair to see if they are in your area. They can do a lot of odd jobs for home improvements free mainly for people over 60. They came and put in a stair rail for us when my husband came out of hospital. Even if they don't do decorating for free, they should be able to recommend someone who can do it. The one that helped us keep a list of tradesmen they recommend.