Using my creativity.


Not sure if i'm in the right section to start an Express Yourself post?

I'm two weeks in to cancer diagnosis. Bernard the blip should hopefully be evicted next month with radiotherapy to follow but still waiting on results of tests etc.

I was really pleased to find this forum. I've always been very creative. It is a huge part of my coping with my struggles in life, as a carer for my youngest who is 21 and autistic and i'm autistic diagnosed too. I will continue to create for myself and i will continue to journal, in my original notebook, not a seperate new Cancer one. Bernard is part of life right now but not all of it. I love journalling, i failed to keep up with a diary for decades but journalling is there when i want it, not as time dictates. No more failure.

Glad to have found here and look forward to reading/ seeing your posts.