My therapeutic messy art

Hi …first forgive me if I’ve uploaded one of my art photos in the wrong place ..

im sure someone will tell me & put me straight . my latest abstract acrylic painting was to help express myself before my colon cancer surgery in March .

I needed it for myself and in doing so it helped me to see , feel my cancer doesn’t define me and it never would .I was scared of having the surgery ,imagining all sorts that go wrong ..

I was in good hands & everyone in family & close friends were walking right beside me .

my tumour was called The Weasel …painting ‘Weasel be gone ‘ 

I wanted to endorse through paint and colour that there is light & hope and not to give up .

Tia for reading .

take care everyone xxx be kind to you day 

  • That sounds a great idea. I wish I could get my tools working. It’s been a year since I touched my brushes. I haven’t got the inspiration. Keep going and put it up. Hopefully I’ll get some energy 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • I’m sure in time your creativity will return .take care 

  • Hello Artsie Ann

    I don’t seem to have the inspiration either…. I have been doing the same paining for weeks and I’m not enjoying it and to me it looks dull and flat. Thinking of joining an art class to motivate me and learn new skills n techniques and hopefully find some inspiration. 

    Although I feel fortunate I am now through all my treatment/surgery I’ve not go the motivation to do the things like I used to enjoy… Guess it takes time.  

    My friend asked me to paint something for her which helped as it was for someone else so it pushed me a little. It was a good distraction too. 

    Maybe try something simple and small to get you going again, inspiration may come once you pick up the brush and get the feel of it again.

    best wishes 


  • Hi Catz

    i joined a local art club four years ago and as it was once a week it gave me the push I needed I was prolific. Then Covid , art club stopped then my cancer six weeks later my hubby Parkinson’s so out went the easel and in came the treadmill (it’s brilliant for combating the Parkinson’s shuffle) so with everything that’s gone on I’m not inspired at all. 

    since before Covid ive only painted my son and his wife in PPE he was in critical care as a radiographer. That’s depressing isn’t it?  Theyre up here under hero’s. 
    if you can join a club it’s a really lovely sociable past time and you meet lots of people all different styles.

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Artsie Ann… I’ve just seen your paintings of your son and daughter-in-law and blown away by them. You are super talented and I can understand why you have given up your art space for your husband’s treadmill to help him. 

    I hope you get the opportunity in the future to return to your painting and fully enjoy it again… you matter too. 

    best wishes 


  • Thanks Catz

    I did them for an exhibition but it was really hard. You can see the fear I felt for my sons health dealing with critical care. He lives in Ireland so I was extra concerned as I couldn’t see them face to face.  
    I may pick up the brushes one day.

    Think it may be a different style though. Throw the paint  like Jackson Pollock could be good to do some art therapy 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann