Creative expressions

I love to to acrylic abstract art .

I find it fun ,relaxing,therapeutic and a lovely way to express myself by being creative ,plus I get to make a big mess Grinning

I recently did a painting how I viewed my colon cancer ..the tumour depicted was only small in comparison to the rest of the painting ..cancer doesn’t define me .

I also gave the tumour a name ..Weasel..painting is titled ‘ weasel be gone ‘ 

I’ve been writing poetry for about 9 years as well .

I started acrylic painting when I was going through depression & anxiety about 3 years ago.

id love upload my ‘ weasel painting ,but my techno skills are rubbish .

if someone could tell me how ,I’d gladly show you some of my art work .

Tia for reading kind to you daily 

  • Hi Janglejones, love the sound of "the weasel" and would love to see it. When you start to post on here there is a pic 3rd along from the word "paragraph" 

    It looks like a mountain, press that one and "camera" then take a photo, it should automatically appear on your post. Hope it works!

    I'm with you, my cancer doesn't define me, ever and also I have my own messy area-my alottment


  • I’m sorry I did say techno stuff isn’t my thing .. could you possibly explain again how I upload a photo please x

  • Sure, I'm not brilliant myself.  So I am writing this post in this box.  Below it is the word "paragraph" which just shows options for setting out what you are writing. In those options below is a picture one, looks like a mountain.  So start writing a post in this box then press the "mountain" picture below. That pops up with a few options, one of which is "camera". Press "camera",  the camera on your phone comes up and you can take a picture of your Weasel pic. That should just appear straight away in this box then you can post it to this site.  I guess this method only works on your phone.  If you have a laptop then you've got to take a pic with a camera then upload it to your laptop then access it.

    Hope this helps x 

  • Hi there

    ive had problems uploading. For me my iphone gives me the choice of adding a photo but my iPad doesn’t. I don’t know why.   Below I’ve shown you the icon to upload  I’ve screen shot this post and saved it to my library 

    You see

    I can upload a photo and send it because I’ve got that little rectangle third from the left. That means I can choose from one I photographed earlier. But my iPad doesn’t show that icon 

    Keep trying. It’s tricky but a learning curve. 
    Good luck 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann