Why do I love you? How the heck do I know?

Will I always love you? Yes, but I don’t always like you

Why do you love me? Because I’m amazing!!!

Will you always love me? Yes, but you may not always like me

Why do I love you? Because you have always been there for me

Even when you didn’t like me

Why do I know you love me? Because even when you don’t like me 

You agree I’m amazing!!!!

I came up with this little ditty for fun….. I love my husband to the end of the world and back, I know he loves me equally. People have asked me over the years “how did you know you loved him” and my stock answer was “how the heck do I know….. I just do”  but for fun I decided to say he loves me because I’m amazing!!!! I’m not really …. I’m just me. 

  • love this! I often joke that my husband is my worst addiction. LOL  I recently attended a workshop through my work title ~IAmRemarkable (it's a Google led iniitiative) and part of the course involved writing 5 I am remarkable becaust statements. My final one was I am remarkable because I am just wee me.

    Don't put yourself down. You are amazing!

    love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

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