We are not promised tomorrow.

We are not promised tomorrow.


As I got up out of my bed today,

I had a thought that won’t go away.

I looked out the window to see sunny skies,

I´m sure that the smile, showed in my eyes.

So I’ll start today with joy, not with sorrow,

Because we are not promised tomorrow.


As I showered and shaved and went to the loo,

My thoughts turned, to what I should do.

I could just have a lazy day, after all it’s Saturday,

But that’s not me, it’s not my way.

For each day we wake is a new blessing,

Life is for living, so I’m not messing.


It’s world cup time, so I could watch TV,

A game or two, or even three.

But if I watched three I would feel guilty,

I want to feel like the world still needs me.

So I try to achieve something everyday,

Even if it’s in my own small way


I call a friend to see that she is OK

We chat for a while, and I hear her say,

She’s doing fine but I could hear that she’s not well

Something in her voice, Somethings wrong I could tell.

So we arrange later to get together,

A coffee a beer or lunch or whatever


So we meet at one and as I arrive,

She rushes to hug me, with tears in her eyes.

After a minute, she says she is fine,

An hour passes then she tells me what’s on her mind.

She has been to the doctor, only to find,

Her days are numbered, it’s the end of the line.


What can I do, what can I say?

I try to console her, in my own way.

I tell her to take it one day at a time,

I will be with her, it will be fine.

It’s hard to take, as I have cancer too

Let’s just have some fun, just me and you.


We start making plans of things to do,

Places to visit and some people too.

I am trying to hide my emotions pretend I’m okay,

She see straight through me, then I hear her say.

It will be okay, if you stand by me,

She is smiling now, and that’s great to see.


Hours go by as we sit and talk

It’s about five o’clock, we decide to walk.

After a bit she wants to rest for a while

Her head on my shoulder, both with a smile.

Sitting admiring the wonderful views

Right there and then, my friend I did loose.


She never woke up, again from that place,

Now weeks later there’s a smile on my face.

Because she went with a smile, not with sorrow.

She knew that we are not promised tomorrow.

It makes me feel proud to have been her friend,

To have been with her, up to the very end.

positivity is the key to longevity