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Hi all,

I’m Jimmy from the Online Community team, and I wanted to post here this evening to introduce you all to our revamped ‘Diagnosed at a young age’ group, previously known as ’16-24 and living with cancer’.

Being diagnosed with cancer at a young age often means you’ll face challenges that differ to those who sit under an older age bracket; you might feel it has a significant impact of your education, your career, dating and perhaps starting a family - to give but a few examples.

This group’s a place for young people diagnosed with cancer to talk through these specific concerns, and share their experiences with others of a similar age, facing or having faced the same challenges.

If you see a member on the site who you think might benefit from joining the group, give them a ‘nudge’ in this direction.

Thanks all,


Online Community Team

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    Thanks again for this group Jimmy. Whilst it was named 16 - 24, I am reliably assured that us 30s and 40s age range would also fit here too. 

    I would like to see people coming across to chat about things that they may find bad or even good about being diagnosed at a younger age to the normal.

    I have a few things to kick it off.

    I am ashamed to admit whilst going through my anger phase after diagnosis that I resented being diagnosed at my age and felt if I were the 'normal' age I would have done all the things in life I wanted to. Though having gone a long further since then, I have realised no matter the age we feel that we have so much more we all want to do and we all just want to keep going.

    My other thing I have found, I was very open about my diagnosis. You get the well meaning friends, the friends that slope off in to the background.... but has anybody else found that they have been the 'trophy cancer friend' as I call it. As in people you knew but weren't close to latched on and were super supportive... for a while..... until the novelty wore off?

    Anyway any other thoughts please throw them into the pot.

  • This is a great for us who don't really feel they fit in. When I was diagnosed with womb cancer just before my 38th birthday I felt odd that others in the group were much older and although I fit in the 1% of all those diagnosed are in my age group it makes it feel worse. Since then I have met many others in the group who are younger and I think having this group is great.  My mine anger issues was not having children although for a long time I wasn't interested in having children it was my choice, but having that choice taken has its own issues, plus feeling like you have let my parents down not giving then grandchildren, has its own demons . I was angry at myself and the world I kept thinking how? Why?

    i had a similar experience Gina that I couldn’t believe i had cancer where i did at such a young age it’s rare is what I kept being told, although I believe now that there is alot of younger women getting womb cancer so its worrying, but I know when i was diagnosed i felt, unsure of what the future holds its a normal process but difficult.

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    Hi Jimmy,

    Is this group still specifically for those aged 26-24? I was diagnosed last year aged 32 and feel like I'm youngish for a cancer patient! Not sure if I should be here or if you could suggest a different group?


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    Hey Helen

    Jimmy will answer Monday too no doubt but no there is no cut off at 24 anymore for this group. I'm middling 30 and here Grin I think the 40s in time might join if they feel like they want to. 

    Feel free to join in and get comfy in here Grinning I've got the chocolate digestives ready.

  • Hi,

    Someone in their 40's checking in. 44, and recently diagnosed with High Grade, Stage 3 Bladder Cancer (Average age of BC diagnosis is 73), so on that basis, I'm diagnosed at a young age! 

    Have started chemo after having 6 tumours removed, and hopefully then radiotherapy so I keep my bladder.

    Pass the digestives! 

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    Hi, slightly older at 47 but young in the head and ‘too young for lung cancer’ apparently after two diagnosis of pneumonia!

    stage 3 nsclc - treatment plan still undecided. I want surgery they want trials. Chemo starts Tuesday - chat with surgeon Monday! What an unwanted journey! Much love x

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    Hi Nick

    Lovely to see you join us. I do hope that they can save your bladder for you.

    Now you know how Joey from friends doesn't share food.... well call me Joey Smiley

    Hello Josie and welcome too

    I am a fellow lungy.  I was diagnosed too as too your for lung cancer as well. They do seem to all get excited when they see me. I was 34 when I was diagnosed last year at stage 3b NSCLC. I will be rocking my 36th birthday in July.

    I hope the treatment plan goes well and so does the chat with the surgeon. I had chemoradiotherapy, so any questions just shout. I am usually found in the lung group, but will frequent here now too Slight smile

  • Josie,

    nice to meet you, in better circumstances would have been preferable though! I wish you all the best.


    I've bought myself a packet of squashed fly biscuits, or Garibaldi as others call them. So you can keep your digestives Joy

    Likewise, I wish you all the best too. Let the battle commence! Chaaaarge! 

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    Hi Helen,

    Welcome to the group - I'm first off so sorry to learn about your cancer diagnosis, but really glad to see you've found our Online Community.

    32's absolutely a young age to be diagnosed with cancer, so please go ahead and use this group talk through and share your experiences. Myself and the team opted to get rid of the previous 16 to 24 age bracket, as people in their 30's and 40's still face challenges that differ to those perhaps older than themselves.

    I hope you find the group to be a really supportive place, Helen, but you can always email myself and the team at community@macmillan.org.uk if there's ever anything you need further support with.

    Take care,


    Online Community Team

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    Hi All

    I was diagnosed at 35 with grade 3 triple negative breast cancer and was told I was quite young to be diagnosed. It seems most women are in the 50’s upwards. 
    I’m at the later stages of my treatment- due to start radiotherapy soon and the lasting side effects of chemo are a killer. I’m now 36 but walk like a 90yr old due to arthralgia caused by Paclitaxel. 
    Since being diagnosed I’ve met and spoken to a few women who like me are in there 20/30’s and being diagnosed.