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Lost the plot, need some logical advise

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Chemo session v covid

my husband daughter Ang granddaughter have all shielded with me since March 23rd so husband has been driving me to and from hospital only. Only me going out! 
my husband has to return to work on 1/6/20 so my daughter can take over the transport. My husband goes to spare room and I stay away from face to face contact as much as is possibly manageable. 
my granddaughter returns to Visiting father for 2 days a week on 23/6 as that will be 12 weeks shielding. 
so where does that leave Me, do I stay in bedroom? Can my daughter/husband do the transport to and from chemo appts up to July 16/7. Sorry if this all sounds rational but I need some help! 

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Hi Kimbo56 welcome to the forum and like many people you are unsure of what to do next and please be assured that you are not alone in that.

There are 2 ways I can think of to get some information which would help with your decision making in this situation right now.

1) Contact the chemo unit and ask for their advice I feel sure that they will have been asked many times so should be able to answer with  some clarity for you.

2) Contact the Macmillan Line and see if any of the Advisors there can add any helpful information for you.08088080000

Its not an easy time for you right now so please do keep asking questions as they arise for you and we can try and help as best we can.

Do come back and let us know how you get on and if the information you receive has been helpful in solving your dilemna.

Best wishes xxx