Can I rant and ask about Sleeping

Hi all

im 4/8 Of chemo cycles. Currently day 5 of last EC treatment 3wkly so starting PAC 2wkly next. I live (shielding) with my husband, daughter and granddaughter (3)

im having trouble sleeping longer than 2hr intervals. Admit very anxious at the mo obviously the chemo,covid, my daughter was made redundant last week, June 1st my husband is returning to work and June 16 my granddaughter going to her fathers for a long visit As our 12 weeks will be over. (If this is a thing) I know she has to go, for her sake as much as her fathers and my husband financially has to return to work but my head just doesn’t switch off. 

which takes me to my original reason to post does any one take sleeping tablets during treatment? 
thank you for reading 

  • Hi I am having troubles sleeping too.waking up every 2 hrs at least 4xper nights.Its really getting on my nerves.This cancer treatment  took even my right to sleep. My GP prescribed me Zopiclone sleeping tablets so I will start taking them.Also using lavender spray I spray my pillow and bedding with it it helps you relax.