Foods to avoid after chemo?

Hi all Wave 

I’ve just had my last chemo session and am waiting to start radio therapy in a few weeks time.

I feel relatively ok all things considered and have even been using the free ‘Move More’ DVD to help me, well, move more Joy 

I’m trying to help myself as much as I can and have started looking into what kinds of food to eat or not eat. There are so many stories about carcinogenic foods and miracle cure foods I’ve lost sight of where to look!

I wish I could go and see a Nutritionist so I could get some tailored guidance. I’m not allergic to anything but bread, cakes and pastry don’t like me and my bowels have been sluggish to say the least  since having a hysterectomy last December. 

Had anyone had any advice on things to eat or avoid?  Any ideas or suggestions as to where to find information would be much appreciated.

Tracey x

  • Hi 

    Well done for getting through chemo relatively unscathed.

    I would ignore all the hype about so called superfoods mostly put about by those who produce or sell them. Ditto all the dairy free, soy or sugar feeds cancer, the acidic diet and many other dietary myths that have all been de-bunked. As per this info page at Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

    Stick to a normal, well balanced diet (plenty of meat, fish, fruit, veg etc) and possibly any vitamin tablets that you know you are low on. Possibly B12 K2 and Vit D.  Home produced meals will always be more healthy than the 'manufactured/adulterated' meals as they add too many chemical based ingredients to simplify production and prolong shelf life.

    With your bread, cakes and pastry issue - have you checked out if you need to go the Gluten Free route ?

    G n' J

  • Thanks Dreamthief! 
    good to know I’m not the only one who actively avoids the hype Joy

    I’m already eating and baking with gluten free stuff when I get the urge for something bread like or cake like and my ‘system’ seems to like it too ThumbsupI’m the same with milk so have used soya in the past and now oat milk.

    I love my veg so thumbs up to that and fruit but at the moment usually in a smoothie as it’s easier to ‘eat’

    I’ve decided to cut out red meat and processed meat. Not just because of the carcinogenic risks but because my digestive system seems to slow down if I eat too much meat. 

    what I’m trying to say is... because I’ve had the chance to take notice of what my body likes and doesn’t like I’ve decided to listen to it properly now! 
    Next up... to have a proper look at that link you included Grin

    Thanks again! 
    Tracey x

  • Hi
    thanks for this thread.

    A dear friend sent me a book about eating with cancer and it scared me witless. Basically everything I’ve eaten, drunk in the last 56  is the reason I have cancer!!!!
    The book is hidden away and I’m trying to follow a well balanced diet.
    I’ve never smoked, only drunk at occasions, never just indoors with dinner. Admit I have sweat tooth. 
    thank u I so needed to read your post x

  • Hi 

    Don't beat yourself up for getting a cancer diagnosis...

    It's 5% lifestyle  -  5% genetic, and 90% bloody bad luck. Even those who have never smoked get lung cancer  :-/

    As for your other question re disturbed sleep, several of the ladies in the breast group have taken short term low dose sleeping tablets during chemo - Most of which is down to the steroids given for the first few days staying in your system for up to a week or so. I would contact your Onco unit for advice with your chemo regime to see if they can help.

    If you do a search within the breast group or monthly BC chemo club you are bound to find a few results.

    Hopefully the Mac Nurse will get back to you today with a more experienced reply Thumbsup tone1

    Sounds a great book btw, do you own a shredder ? Hugging

    Take care, G n' J