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Allergic reaction to Taxol

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Hi all , not posted in here before because i am in the ovarian group, when i had my 2nd taxol, i had a reaction and fortunately they resolved it with cortisone, on my 3rd today , same thing happened, but cortisone didn’t work, so they stopped treatment and are switching me to Docetaxel for my next time, has anyone else had a reaction, i feel like I’m totally out of control of this and so stressed out. Thank You so much for any advice on

your experience of this 

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Hi Janet

I can't help with your question but I noticed that you hadn't had a response to your post from the people in this group. It may be an idea to also post this in the ovarian cancer group as I'm sure there'll be people there who are using this drug.

I noticed that you'd also posted this question in ask a nurse and don't know if you've seen that Audrey, one of the Macmillan cancer information nurse specialists, has replied to you. If you haven't seen it then clicking here will take you straight there.


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