Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Just posting this in case anyone else has had similar problems.
I had some neurological tests done last week as I’ve been having worsening pins & needles in my hands, worse at night, since about end September (3 months post chemo.) My Oncologist thought it might be peripheral neuropathy but it seemed unlikely as I hadn’t had much in my hands during treatment. It has been diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, in both hands but worse in my right. The neurologist says the inflammation may well have been caused by chemo & if so it may ease over time, otherwise I can have surgery which will cure it. As I’m having my first test scans at the moment I’m going to wait til I have those results before making a decision. Meanwhile I’m sleeping with a splint on my right hand which stops the pins & needles completely. The good news is that tests have shown I have no permanent damage from neuropathy. Heart eyes

  • I had similar with cubital tunnel, which is the elbow rather than the wrist. I got refered to physio and it turned out the nerve was trapped in my shoulder. The physio really helped, until the chemo fatigue meant I had to stop. As this is the same nerve from the neck all the way to the hand (little and ring finger affected) it might be the same for you with your nerve? Might be worth self referring. Nothing to loose!

  • Thanks , My neurologist says that tests show it’s definitely my median nerve, so carpal tunnel syndrome. However I don’t really want surgery so I’m trying a splint at night which really helps. I’m going to see a physio as well though. Thanks for your advice. x