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Does it get better

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I had first of 6 cycles of chemo last Friday. I am not coping.. I have zero energy and ache. I did call the ward yesterday but nurses all busy and though they took my number noone called back. 

I don't feel sick and don't have a temperature. I'm not overly worried I just want to be told this will get easier. 

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Dear I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with your chemotherapy, I did eight cycles of doxorubicin for my blood cancer and my body seemed to get used to it after a few cycles. I lost my hair  but it’s grown back fully now as it was before after being curly for a little while ! I’m glad to hear you are not feeling sick and don’t have a temperature which is something you obviously have to take seriously. Hang on in there, you have to learn to rest when you need it, and I found warm baths and hot water bottles helped with aching. You don’t mention what kind of cancer you have ? I hope you are receiving good care and support ?

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Hi  and first Merry Christmas.

I see you have been posting in our very supportive Womb (uterus) cance group so this would be a good place to post as there are so many types of chemotherapy and each type can effect us in so many ways.

Fatigue can de one of the main side effects and this was the main issues I had to deal with over my treatment but the very advice I was given was to keep some activity going as letting the fatigue take control of what you do will actually to control what you can do...... yes you will need recovery times but try and keep some activity going.

Does it get easier?....... I think you get into a rhythm and can deal with it better.

Good that you are not having any Nausea issues but do tell your team when you have as they do have other tools to help.

Avoiding Infections is very important and if your temperature does show an increase do call your chemo support line ((hugs))

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