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Cold cap - rental / purchase

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i am writing on behalf of a friend.  Her treatment facility doesn’t have cold caps, so she Is looking to buy or rent.

I have received some info from another user on the site (thank you) on the following:

paxman scalp cooling :

And also

anyone else used/rented these or an another system?

any other recommendations, please.

many thanks in advance

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Hi , I’m sorry you haven’t had a reply here, I’m assuming it’s because no one has had the problem that your friend has. I see you had a reply from the ask a nurse section which I hope has helped your friend. I sat next to someone who was going to have a cold cap a few weeks ago when we were both having treatment. The nurse was explaining how different drugs had different timing for when the cold cap should be put on, and what they have to look out for and do during treatment, so as the nurses have to have training in that aspect I was thinking that it isn’t as straightforward as going and buying one which is why perhaps the nurse said when she made enquiries they would only sell to health professionals.

I hope your friend is either managing well without one or has found their way through to what will best suit them.

Best wishes


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Thanks. I’ll pass the information on.

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It’s such a shame the hospital don’t have a machine. I used it the first few treatments, but decided not to bother for the last three.

It’s quite a commitment  to hire one as your friend wouldn’t know if she could stand the cold for the first 10-15 minutes. I know ppl who have tried it but not been able to stand the head freeze of the first 10 minutes.

The nurses do have to be trained as if the caps don’t fit properly it won’t be effective. There are lot of things to consider. The time factor and a balding patch on my head did it for me and I stopped using it.

I wish your friend well and hope everything goes ok x