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Affects of chemo on older people

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Hello everyone, and it is good to know there are people in a similar situation. I am 73, and on my 5TH day of chemo. Had the infusion last week. Now on the Capecitabine tablets, have anti sickness tabs Domperidome, but feel as sick as a pig. Although not actually sick. Also, still tingling in finger tips. 3 rounds of chemo planned. Feel not quite with it, and wonder if this is worth it all at my age. See the surgeon this afternoon, and having to drag myself in, with help of brilliant and patient husband of 53 years to see him. Is there anyone as old or older than me and how are they getting on? Will be so grateful for advice. Many thanks. 

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Hello and welcome to the community, although sorry to hear you are having a tough time with your chemo. I was 63 when I had my lot of chemo and thankfully didn't really suffer much. We know that chemo affects people in different ways and generally it is not age which affects things. Some people do suffer no matter what age they are. Being generally fit does seem to help. We have had people on here much older than you going through chemo with different reactions to it. It is important to keep yourself well hydrated with regular drinks of water. Good to know you are seeing your consultant today, so make sure they know how you are feeling. If you let us know what you are being treated for, we can point you to a group where you should get more specific information from others going through the same as you. I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes.

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