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Extended period between treatments

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I am about to start EC chemotherapy for breast cancer this Tuesday. I had been advised that it is given every 3 weeks. However  when i was with the chemotherapy nurse last week she calculated that the 4th treatment falls on Christmas eve and that there are no staff in that week. So i might have to wait 4 weeks for this treatment. 

This does concern me, should i be concerned?

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Hi MPnewcastle Thats sounds positive that the next part of the treatment is about to start for you. 

I don't know enough about chemo to answer your query with any certainty but I do know lots of folks who had chemo dates altered etc and have come to no harm as a result of this.

Apart from anything else I imagine  that in the days following treatment that you may feel a bit under the weather so at least this way you can enjoy your xmas and hopefully not feel unwell .

Not sure how helpful my reply will be for you but sending huge big hugs your way for now. xx

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Hi MP,

One of the regulars on here had her 3rd chemo put back a week because she has a cold so I don't think it's unusual. I'm due mine on Christmas Eve but not expecting it then. It'll probably be postponed for a while. We'll be able to enjoy Christmas better. 

Babs x

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