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Hair loss

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Hi all I'm just wanting some advise on hair loss I started my chemo 3 week ago 1st session , my second one is on Tuesday I've just started to lose some hair . Not loads but when I run my fingers through it some comes out . Has anyone used the ice cap ? I used it on my 1st session it was very pleasant is it worth going through that will I lose my hair anyway . It's really upset me today seeing my hair falling out hit me harder than I thought . 

Please any advice anyone ? X

Blhope xx

B hope
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Use of the cold cap is always a bit hit or miss. Most keep around 50%+  of their hair but it can look so straggly or patchy they cut it shorter anyway.

There is a good chance if you can persevere with it through your sessions it will stabilise at some time and the hair loss will get no worse.

Unfortunately for some be it a loose fitting cap or their hair type most of it will still shed 

Also there are a couple of different cooling machine makes and Paxman is considered the better one.

You may get more experienced replies if you also ask this in the Breast Group as lots of ladies there have had scalp cooling and can advise you better about conditioning and fit etc.

You could have a look at this Mac Scalp Cooling info page.

Good luck with the chemo (and mimial hairloss) G n' J