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Chemo and infection

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my Dad has finished 9 sessions of chemo and went up to have his 10th one today but got told he has a temperature and low potassium and a urine infection  so couldn’t have his chemo and prescribed more antibiotics which never cleared infection up last time and made him feel awful.   My Dad had a TPE in September so has 2 bags  has anyone else had to stop a session due to an infection? He also got told to ear lots of greens and bananas for potassium but he ate a banana and it went straight through him.  any advice would be great thank you. Danni 

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I'm sorry to hear that your dad has had some problems recently which have meant that he's had to miss his chemo session. I don't have any experience with chemotherapy but thought that it might be an idea for you to post your question in the bowel cancer group, which I see you're a member of, as there may well be people there who will have experience with this.

I'm sure if you post your question about which foods your dad can eat in the ileostomy, colostomy and stoma group you'll get helpful answers from the members of that group and you could also post that question in ask a dietitian and volunteer dietitian Alice will aim to respond within 2 working days.

I hope your dad starts to feel better soon


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Hi Latchbrook 

Thank you for your reply and yes that’s a great idea thank you I will do that.. 

yes he feels better now no temperature and urine looks clear so don’t know why it keeps showing as infection..

hope your well to x