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Does anyone know whether you can eat sushi when on phesgo and Zometa? . Doxetacal and carboplatin finished in April. My sister is craving sushi and we don’t know if she can have it yet!


  • Hi  during many treatments a common side effect of treatments can be to reduce the body’s resistance to fight infections…….. a reduced immune system.

    So it’s important to take care with the foods your sister eats to minimise the risk of developing a food related infection. This information on food safety when your immunity is low advises against eating raw fish such as sushi.

    Early on in my treatment I harassed my wife that I wanted a Chinese takeaway (even although my team had told me not to have them) the following morning I was very ill.... the rest of the family were fine... I had to go see my team and after a few tests I had developed Helicobacter Pylori, a bacteria that developed ulcers and stomach inflammation.….. she needs to think she is on a pregnancy diet.

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  • Supermarket's own sushi is so far as I know required to be cooked. But Yo! for instance is not cooked.