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Does anyone know how the Princess of Wales managed to avoid hair loss from her ongoing chemo? Or is it a wig?

  • Hi Tannith B welcome to the forum. I was thinking exactly the  same  and wondered if thats why we hadnt seen her for a  while. I dont know and i dont know that we will ever know but I imagine she has the finest hair stylists and make up artists at her disposal and good on her for appearing today she looked absolutely beautiful. 


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  • Hi,

    I have no idea what chemotherapy she is receiving but I also had adjuvant chemotherapy the end part of last year (carboplatin and pemetrexed) .

    It made my hair thin but I was lucky enough not to lose it.

    Wish I looked as good as her though  Grinning


  • Hi I too had adjuvant chemo {cisplatin and pemetrexed} 5 months ago. I was told you wont lose your hair with this one but it will get thinner. Ive had too much hair all my life - very thick hair. I did loose lots of hair but you'd never know. I looks just the same and I am loving having less of it.