Hair loss

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I am on my 4th round of chemo and the inevitable side effect is happening, my hair is coming out in quite large quantities. 

It's very noticeable at the front. 

I don't think I am brave enough to shave it off, as it's shoulder length. 

Does anyone have any advice on headgear, with hair, or should I just be brave.

Thanks x

  • Most of my hair fell out within 5 days after my first chemo so was pleased to get the rest off and just had a baseball cap…… but let’s look fir others to pick up on your question…,, although you may get more reply’s if you post it in the Breast cancer group I see you have joined.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • HI. My hair has started to fall out also. I have always had big hair and been a massive part of my identity so finding it difficult. I have not gone too short yet but may do. Having short hair is easier for a guy. I think I will be brave and shave it soon. 

    The Breast cancer forum is probably a better place.

    Have only just started to look at head gear !


  • Hi

    I know it's a stressful time and upsetting. 

    I decided to just go for it, cut it short and buzzed cut it. 

    It's still quite patchy, but feeling so much better. 

    Whatever you decide will be right for you x

  • Well done for going for the buzzcut. I think I will join you soon !

    Good Luck x

  • Thanks and good luck x

  • Thanks so much for your post, Sarah67. I'm on #2 chemo. I cut my very long hair the day  after #1 chemo, the Sister advised this as they said the weight could damage chemo affected follicles and therefore regrowth.

    it was really hard!  I left a very short cut behind. It is now shedding steadily but no patches yet. I will be going for a buzzcut as soon as it's no longer viable.

    Seems we have to let go of so much. 

    Wishing you wellV tone5

  • Yes it does, but sounds like you are in control of your hair, and made a decision for you. Buzz cut isn't too bad, unfortunately mine has too many bald spots to make me confident enough not to wear a head covering all the time. Still there are lots of nice headwear. You can always get a wig.

    Good luck x