Low white blood cell count

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Hi everyone,

My third round of Oxaliplatin didn’t happen on Monday because my white blood cell count was 1.03 Frowning2

I’m having another blood test on Friday and hopefully this will allow my 3rd session to start next Monday.

 I’m eating really healthy, LOTS of fruit and veg, I’m even taking vitamins and cod liver oil supplements. I’m trying as hard as I can to eat well and exercise during this and yet my count is low. I have realised that maybe I’m not taking on as much protein as I should so have been upping this since Monday. 

anyone got any ideas as what else I can do between now and Friday for a better result or is it unlikely to rise that quickly?

Thanks, Paul 

  • Hi  . Low bloods on chemo is quite common and comes up here often. I had two delays during my own treatment. It sounds as though you have good practice in your diet. In extreme cases they can medicate but they much prefer to let things recover naturally and a week usually does it. I was told that the odd week delay should not make a great deal of difference in the great scheme of things. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thanks Rily,

    Thats really good to know and has put my mind at rest.

    All the best, paul

  • My son had a 10 day chemo delay because of low white cell count. After that they always gave him injections of some drug that raises the cell count and he had no more problems with it

  • That’s good to know that there are options.  I’ll ask about those next Monday thanks for the heads up. 

    cheers, paul