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Hi I've booked my Covid vaccine to fall in the middle of my treatments( I have my chemotherapy every three weeks).

I was in hospital last week and there was a nurse who was against the vaccine full stop. In fact even suggested it had a lot to answer for regarding cancer.

just wondered if anyone had had the vaccine in the middle of their cycle and if they had any ill effects.

any advice, help etc would be great cheers J

  • Hi  I was out of treatment before Covid vaccines were a thing but in the blood cancer world people are highly recommended that they have all their boosters even during their cycles of chemo and these folks report no real ill effects………. but there could be differences across cancer types and their treatments so why not post your question in the Prostate cancer support group as well.

    As for what the nurse is saying…… there are far far more medical professionals will say the complete opposite.…… and there is no proof that this is the case.

    I am fully vaccinated and had my 3rd run in with Covid a few weeks back……. I have a reduced immune system because of the years of strong treatment and honestly zi have had worse colds.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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