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I'm due to start my chemo in next couple of weeks. I've been told to get my flu/covid vaccine beforehand.

I'm not due these until October and also nowhere is offering these just now. is it vital I get these before starting treatment?


  • My son was told it was better to get it before starting treatment, as chemo reduces your immunity, and did so some months back.

    They are currently doing a run of vaccines for the elderly and immune suppressed - up to mid/end June I think. I had one, and my son was advised to have another one by his GP (and given it today, May 17th), because he is having an op to remove tumour next week. All cancers are different of course, so I would suggest you ask your GP.

  • Hi, I would check with your Oncologist or nurses re the covid jab.

    I was told the jab needed to be done within a specific few days so that it does not interfere with the chemo should you become unwell with side effects.

    Good luck xx

  • oh thank you I will do that