Hair loss & chemo

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Hi, I haven’t posted in a while &  hope everyone is doing well.

I am being treated for breast cancer & am almost out the other side of my  treatment….Pray I had a lumpectomy December 2023, started 12 weekly rounds of Picataxal & 6 monthly Herceptin injections in January 2024 & today I have completed 5 rounds of Radiotherapy, 

Can somebody throw me any light of chemo & hair loss. I had my final chemo treatment on the 10th April & cold capped for the entire 12 weekly rounds of Picataxal. At week 5 my hair started to shed for a couple of weeks, then it completely stopped, I was obviously really pleased when it did, then at week 10 it stated again & is still falling out now & considerably more than it did initially. Has anyone else experienced this & if so how long after treatment did your hair stop falling out & how long before it started to regrow? I do still have about 70% although it is very thin, dry & my scalp is quite visible now. 

Thank you to all who took the time to read this…HeartpulseHeartpulseHeartpulse

Love & best wishes to you all Xx

  • Hi  

    We wife's cancer is quite different and she had two lots of chemotherapy. As her treatments were all quite quick she decided not to try for the coldcap.

    Witht the first chemo once her hair started to fall out she went and had it all cut off. When the chemo ended her hair started to grow back in about a week - initially it came back quite curly but later it went back to more normal.

    The second chemo did not cause any significant hair loss at all.

    Hope that helps some.



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  • Hope you & your wife  are well….Pray

    Thank you for responding, I’m not sure quite what is going on, as it’s now 4 weeks since my last chemo treatment & hair shedding isnt showing any signs of slowing, but as I still have some hair, it’s difficult to see if there is any new growth. My fingers are crossed that the shedding will stop soon. Fingers crossed

  • Hi Tilly1, try giving Hair Reborn cancer charity a ring.  They provide expert advice on hair loss following chemotherapy and free hairstyling subject to criteria.

  • Aww thank you Susie, 

    I will give gem a call.