Chemo nails - any recommendations?

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Hi everyone 

I finished chemo about 3 months ago and still having side effects - I know I probably will for a while. My nails are in a dreadful state, they keep splitting vertically and are very painful. Can anyone recommend something that could help? Thanks be in advance 

  • Hi Marg06 welcome to the forum. I only know this as others have said the same and I know some ladies who have tried this with a good degree of success. Marks and Spencers have a nail polish with an oil and Vitamin E in it I think that feeds the nails to keep them healthy or restore them. Mind it is not an instant fix and does take time but does work so ask a store assistant and they will can help you locate this in store. I believe that it is also helpful for toe nails if required.  


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  • Thanks GRANNY59 much appreciated - I’ll try and find some in my local M and S.