Chemo with low blood & liver count

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Hi, I am 62 & have  just completed my 3rd round of 12 weekly chemo treatments. My white blood cells & platelet count has fallen as well as my liver function. I am to have blood repeated & see my oncologist next Tuesday. I anm getting worried as to the effects this will have on my health & further treatment. Has anyone else had this happen this early on in their treatment, if so did it delay or stop further treatments. 
Thank you in anticipation. 

  • Hi  sorry to hear about the bump in the road….. I do see that you have posted the same question in the Breast Cancer Group - it’s always good to compare notes with folks on the exact same journey and treatment.

    I have a rare incurable blood cancer and this problem happened a number of times over my chemo…… but I am pleased to say that it made no difference to the overall outcomes……. this often happens during chemo.


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  • My son went for his blood test yesterday prior to his anticipated 3rd round of chemo on Monday. But they said his white blood cell count was too low (0.4 when it should have been min 1.0). So they have postponed his chemo for a week hoping he will have reached the minimum of 1.0 by then. No problems with liver function. Low white blood cell count means you are extra prone to infection so take care to avoid anyone who is ill.

  • Hi,

    it is so hard trying to stay positive when these things jump out at us along the way… 

    Hope your sons blood count picks  up & the rest  of his treatment goes well…Pray


  • I have just found an article that says dark chocolate can improve your neutrophil count. Can't do any harm anyway, at least in moderation. My son is trying it in time for his repeat blood test this coming Thursday.

  • Thank you for that, I will certainly give it a go…PrayYum

    I was called by my ontologist today, she’s delayed my chemo for this week. This is a bit of a blow and I’m worried by the delay, as to if it will weaken the  effectiveness of the treatment See no evil 

    In the meantime we can enjoy the chocolate Chocolate bar 


  • Hi Tilly

    My son's chemo was postponed 10 days as that was when they next have a space. Like you we are worried that it might weaken the effectiveness of the treatment, but we have no choice but to do what the docs say. He told me that his oncologist said there was a drug that increases neutrophil count. I found it online but forgot it's name. Anyway there might be more than one. Maybe there is a reason they don't give it too readily. Hope the chocolate is working. Best wishes. Tannith

  • Hello Tilly

    Did you have your postponed chemo yet? My son had his yesterday -10 days late- but they gave him an injection of whatever drug it is that increases your neutrophils. Maybe you would like to ask your team about it?

  • Hi Tannith

    I did have my chemo treatment Wednesday,  so thankfully it was only delayed by 1 week. blood tests showed my body had recovered enough Grin 

    Unfortunately I’ve now picked up a water infection, so more bloods today & now back home with antibiotics….Cry Hoping & praying  i won’t have this coming week’s chemo delayed…..Pray

    So pleased your son  has been well enough to continue with his chemo too…..Grin


  • Apart from Omega 3 tablets I eat a lot of fish and green veg in order to increase my white blood cells.  The chemo apparently destroys our white blood cells - think I have that right - but we need them in order to have the chemo.... so catch 22.   Plenty of Iron tablets for red blood cells.... I would say drink stout or guiness but cant taste them with chemo 

  • Hi Anji, 

    Thank you so much for that, Two hearts

    I routinely took high strength fish oil in liquid form, prior to starting chemo. I suffered with server nose bleeding when I first started treatment & needed to have both nostrils quantized. I was advised to stop taking the fish oil as it can thin the blood & could cause more nose bleeding. I will definitely start taking it again once I’m the other side of chemo tho. I eat lots of fruit & veg, so I am trying to do as much as I can to help. I didn’t know if Iwe could take iron tablets while in treatment, I’ll certainly check it out. I had round 4 of chemo delayed, but thankfully I’ll be having round 9 on Wednesday & haven’t had any more delays so far….

    I hope all is going well with you & your treatment. Pray 
    Two hearts