Blood pressure /white coat syndrome

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I am due to start chemo in February but am concerned that I may not be able to have it as I suffer from hypertension and whenever I have my blood pressure taken by a doctor it is always high compared to my own home testing. This is causing me even more stress as I obviously need the chemothraphy as I have advanced prostate cancer.  My high blood pressure is caused by anxiety not physical condition. Can someone reassure me that this would not be a cause to prevent me having my chemo. I already take ramipril for hypertension. 

  • Hi  and sorry to read about your challenges.

    It may not be applicable, but I had to get a new Thermometer, BP and Sats monitors as all my gear at home was not matching up with what the hospital was saying……. At my next appointment I took everything in to compare against the hospital equipment and they were indeed all out….. BP monitor was significantly out..

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  • Don't know for sure but my son has Ramipril for quite high blood pressure and they gave him chemo anyway.