Finished chemo -mixing with people ?

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I have had 4 rounds of chemo and finished my last session nearly 3 weeks ago.  It was the toughest of the lot with recovery. After third session I needed a blood transfusion.  This time I have had one unit of blood and a unit of plasma.  Now we have Christmas lunch tomorrow with my family.  I know the small children have had the usual cough and cold symptoms they always pick  up and now my daughter is really upset because she has developed a cold.  I have had a runny nose for a few weeks but not been ill.  I have spoken to the medical team and my daughter had a word on the phone with a nurse and the advice was go ahead as planned unless someone is really feeling very ill.  Has anyone else been in a similar situation?  I am just feeling very low on energy and general aches and pains.  I'm told my body just needs time to recover now (68 years old). Chemo is hard it seems.  Having  a scan on 4th Jan to see what comes next.

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    When I finished chemotherapy I asked my oncologist how quickly my immune system would be back to normal. He advised that it would take about 3 months it to be able to handle normal things like colds, etc and about 6 months for more serious infections. 

    Last Christmas we were going to have Christmas day with my dad, sister and nephew. However, my nephew came down with a bad cold on Christmas Eve so we decided not to join them as I'd only finished chemo 3 weeks before. However, you've spoken to your medical team and they say it will be okay for you.

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas whatever you decide to do


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