Having chemo via cannula

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I’ve been having problems with my picc line , unfortunately they couldn’t fit the new one as my body just has a shock reaction . so the plan is a referral for a Hickman line , but on Tuesday I’m having chemo via a cannula so that I don’t have to delay any longer than needed.

has anyone had chemo via a cannula? Was it ok ? 

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    I had 15 rounds of chemo through a cannula and got on fine with it. I'm a bit squeamish where veins and needles are concerned so had to look away when they were putting the cannula in but once it was in I was fine with it.

    Towards the end it did become a bit difficult for them to find a vein, as they could only use my right hand, but otherwise I'd say don't worry about it.

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  • Hi latchbrook

    thank you for that , feel much better 

    kind regards