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Hi I am shortly going to be starting this chemo. From what I understand the cisplatin will be given in hospital but as  the fluorouracil is delivered over  a longer time period ? 48 hours? I'll have this delivered via a pump through picc line at home. 

I'm wondering what the pump is like, how you sleep with it, care of it etc so if anyone has any experience I'd be really grateful to hear from them.

Many thanks.


  • Hi again Sue  this group is a general chemotherapy group that basically covers all the many types of cancer and treatments so let’s see who is looking looking in who has had this treatment.

    I do see you have joined our Vulva cancer support group, it may be worth putting the same post up in that group as well to increase your search for connections with others who have had the same treatment. 

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  • Hi sue

    the pump is a small device like a plastic bottle with a balloon inside. I pop mine under my pillow and haven’t experienced any problems with it , during the day I have made a small bag with a long handle to go around my neck so it’s out the way . Hope this helps



  • Thank you for your reply Liz. Very helpful. Might get my friend who is a whizz at crafts to knit or crochet me a bag.


  • Hi Suze

    I was on exactly the same chemo regime.  The 5FU always took an extra 24 hours to go through my system just as a heads up. Nothing to worry about, but just in case yours takes a little longer too. 

    The hospital gave me a long handled bag which was made by some lovely volunteers. It strapped to my body for the day in this bag.  The pump is a small, clear plastic bottle with a 'balloon' inside which holds the chemo safely.  You will see the balloon dissipate as the chemo is absorbed into the body through your PICC line.

    Sleeping was OK.  I think you subconsciously know you can't be rolling around in bed.  I just used to lie on my back or opposite side to my PICC with the bag alongside my PICC arm.  It worked for me as it was the natural position during the day.

    You don't need to care for it.  When you finish your chemo in hospital, they'll attach the pump. They'll give you some general advice and what to do if anything goes wrong (it never did with me, except it was slow). I remember I didn't shower whilst I was wearing the pump. It was too much to manage with a limbo and a bag so use to just do strip washes. But you may be able to fathom a better solution. 

    Hope this helps.