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Hello everyone, I’m new to these forums. I have been recently diagnosed with spinal Chordoma at the age of 34. I am absolutely heartbroken & in utter shock, but the one thing that is terrifying me is hair loss. I had quite short hair for a fair few years so I’m no stranger to short hair, (even though is shoulder length now) but I am petrified of not having control over it & it just falling out on its own accord. 
i have already been looking at hats, scarfs and maybe wigs. But does anyone have any advice or positive words they could share. I would be very appreciative. 

Lots of love 

Annie x 


    Hi Annie

    Firstly, not all chemotherapy causes hair loss. I had two different types of chemotherapy when I was being treated for breast cancer. I did loose my hair whilst having the first type but it actually started to grow back while I was having the second type. Have you been told by your oncologist that you will lose your hair?

    Some people choose to have scalp cooling while having chemotherapy. I decided against this as it meant spending longer at the chemo unit and it isn't a guarantee that you will keep your hair.

    My hair was nearly down to my waist when I was diagnosed so I went to a hairdressers that also specialised in wigs to have it cut into a bob before I started chemo. I also chose a wig at the same time, although I actually preferred wearing head coverings and only wore the wig if I was going out somewhere special.

    My hair started to come out in handfuls when I brushed it after about 3/4 weeks. When it got to the stage where it was becoming obvious I got my husband to shave my head on a number 2 and then started to wear head coverings when I went out. I bought mine on the internet from a company called

    From when my hair started to grow back to when I no longer felt I needed to cover my head was probably about 4 months.

    I hope this helps a little.

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  • Thank you so much for replying. Yes, I have been told I will loose it - It was one of the first questions I asked in all honesty. 

    Yes I have been told about the cooling scalp thing. But I’m not too sure about it, to be fair. Did you find that the wigs irritated your scalp at all or make it itchy? 

    Thank you for that website, I will definitely check it out. I have already ordered some hats, and some head scarfs. 

    It has helped, so thank you. I really do appreciate it. 

  • The wig only irritated my head slightly but I did find that it made me hot. My chemo was during last summer so when I was at home I didn't wear anything, unless I had to answer the door, in which case I slapped on one of the head coverings I'd bought.

    I decided against the scalp cooling mainly because it added at least another hour on to the time I was at the chemo unit and also because it wasn't a guarantee it would work.

    As you can see from my profile pic I've now got dead short hair and I love it. If there was one benefit of losing my hair it was that I've now got a style I would never have dared try before!

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  • A bit late reading this, so idea where you are re hair loss journey. I chose to embrace being bald as I could not cold cap as i hate coldness  . . Being in control of my hair loss suited me, I called it my . . ‘. velvet  seal head’  and used buffs as coverings which worked really well for me.. . . . hair started to grow back 4 weeks after chemo finished.

    years of mousie brown thin hair,  has turned into grey/ white thick wiry hair! Am focusing on the curious and excited vibe and am looking quite cute ( imoRofl) hopefully this is showing before and 10 months after photo Heart