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Hi I’m posting here as I’m hoping for a bit of help in advance. My local hospital has advised me that the liver specialist hospital is likely to suggest I have another liver resection. My primary was bowel. I had a liver resection last September, so am not keen to have another surgery so soon. The cancer spread in only a few months of the surgery, so I don’t feel confident that this won’t happen again! Has anyone heard of any chemotherapy being used in a similar situation? Thanks for reading this.

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    This information from Macmillan tells you about the types of treatment usually offered for secondary liver cancer.

    It says that "Only a small number of people will be able to have surgery. It is usually only possible for bowel cancers ........  that have spread to the liver. Surgery is most commonly used if the cancer affects just a few areas of the liver and if there is no cancer anywhere else in the body."

    It also says that chemotherapy "is the most common treatment for secondary cancer in the liver" so you could have a chat with your CNS/consultant to see if this is a possibility for you.

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  • Thanks latchbrook yet again you’ve come to my aid. I did have 4 cycles of chemotherapy then CT, MRI and pet scans. I have an appointment with my oncologist next Tuesday, but the MDT this week included the liver specialist hospital. They’re discussing me at their MDT tomorrow. I really appreciate your help once again.