First chemo postponed after an echocardiogram

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I was due to start chemo for breast cancer with ec tomorrow. I had a heart ultrasound today and the hospital phoned to say there was a problem with my heart something to do with 50%. I've had palpitations since 2021 cardiology consultant said nothing to worry about. I'm scared I won't be able to have treatment. I'm on list for cardiology appointment within two weeks. I've just had my picc line fitted too. I could cry I'd got my head sorted to start chemo. I've already had two lots of surgery and lymph nodes removed.

  • Hi  sorry to hear this but this often happens.

    Chemotherapy does put the body under a lot of pressure especially our heart so it’s good that this was picked up (this is the reason you have an ECG) but between your cardiologist and oncologist a way forward will be found ((hugs))

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  • I Hope so x The itchy picc line is driving me nuts x it's a shame for it to be there with no meds going into it.