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Hi all after some advice on coping with constipation. It seems to be worse after this chemo session for some reason. Trying to eat healthy and drinking plenty of water. Dosing myself up with lactulose to try to keep my stool soft but feeling very uncomfortable as if there is a hard plug there. Sorry probably too much information!  Should I persist with lactulose or go for something like senna? Many thanks


  • Hi Sue  …. this is such a challenge across all cancer types and there is no perfect solution. When I started my main chemo back in late Dec 2013 I was told to take a Laxido am and pm every single day during all my months of treatment and on the whole it did the trick for me but at times, especially when I was on steroids I was taking a or 4 Laxidos every day…… hope you find a way forward.

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  • Have you been given anything by your chemo team. I was given huge boxes of laxido and took it twice daily most of the time as a minimum. My oncologist later prescribed me senna but I never used that. In some ways I'm grateful I had this as a bowel side effect rather than the other way. At least I could still go out and not worry about toilet access. 

  • Thank you everyone for your replies. I bought some movicol in the end and finally got relief! Sorry too much information! Will certainly take from day of chemo next time. I was lulled into a false sense of security as previous two treatment been no issue. Will ask the nurse if they can provide. 


  • If it helps it was laxido I was prescribed.

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