Help with Chemo Tongue

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I'm supporting someone who is currently receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer. They have many symptoms but one we are trying to find some things to ease for is chemo tongue.

Currently using biotene and doing the oral care side of things. Looking for some other things to try that might help especially with the dry mouth at night which seems to be keeping her up.

Any assistance and ideas are greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Nat R , I just happened to read your post by chance. I’m currently in remission after treatment for tonsil and neck cancer, one of the side effects caused by the RT treatment is a dry mouth especially at night. Another forum user recommended Xyimelts to me , these are wee tablets which you put on your gums before you go to bed, they are brilliant and one tab last about 3-4 hours. You get them on Amazon for around £12 for 40. Sugar free gum and sweets good for during day. When my mum was going through chemo for breast cancer she sucked pineapple sweets which she was convinced helped her mouth. Hope this helps

  • Brian, thanks so much for your reply. I will get them ordered and see how we go. Greatly appreciated and hope both you and your mum are keeping well. Thankyou Heart