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After 18mths remission a ct scan revealed a cancer blob pressing on left ureter. Had a stent inserted to stop any blockage of kidney. Started chemo. Ist cyble OK. 2nd and third had hypersentive reaction to carboplatin. It was quite nasty. Team would like me to have 4th infusion so being pumped with steroids for two days before chemo tomorrow. Has anyone else had this problem with carboplatin and what was outcome.

  • Hello Oak2.  How are you feeling after your latest chemo? 

    I have small cell lung cancer. I had my first round of Immunotherapy, Carboplatin and Etoposide with no problem. On my 2nd cycle I took a severe reaction where my blood pressure went through the roof! As you say it was very nasty and very frightening. I had tingling in my hand at the end of the Carboplatin and as soon as they infused the Etoposide is when I had the reaction. They cannot be sure if it was the Carboplatin or the Etoposide that had caused the problem, so I have been taken off both altogether.

    I was extremely disappointed to say the least as a CT scan had showed my tumour to be shrinking.

    I had my first cycle of CAV last week. So not feeling the best.

  • Hi Bluebell55, my husband has SC LC as well and starting CAV next week, please let me know how it’s going for you?