First night with PICC and Pump

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Hi all,

I do not know if  will help everyone or indeed anyone.

I was worried about what to do with the long tube (2 or 3 foot, maybe 80cm or so) from the PICC connector to the pump.

What worked well for me last night was to place the pump on my bedside table but with the tube threaded through the TOP of my PJs.  (I asked for the PICC to be fitted that side as my wife sleeps in the other side anyway and I have an ileostomy bag on her side already.)

The tube isn’t long enough to thread all the way down to the waist and that would also have possibly been a greater risk of pulling at either end.

The pump surprised me, seems to be some sort of natural pressure delivery or some such, no electric/battery equipment.  I also cannot  tell if it is working at all.

Day-to-day I am threading the tube through my clothing to the waste and using the belt provided.  Keeping the darn thing upright is difficult.

Anyway, hope this is helpful.

  • I only had treatment through my PICC in the hospital so my experience was very different as I was on my pump 24/7 for over 120hrs for each of my 6 cycles.

    I always wore short sleeved 'T' Shirts day and night. When I slept I had a chair next to my bed on my right (PICC was in my right arm) and I slept on my back with my right are extended onto a pillow lying on the chair - it was a little awkward initially but I got into a rhythm with it.

    During the day I just had a warm fleece over my shoulders and left my arm free inside the fleece so the line was free to hang and not get caught in any sleeves.

    You will find your own wy to live with this.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi Harlekwin

    Sorry for delay in responding.

    I put a pillow up against the wall (or headboard) just behind the pillow my head is on. I then place my pump on the top edge of the wall pillow. I then make sure pipe/tube goes over shoulder to pump. Overall it means you still have enough pipe length to turn in the night without pump being dislodged Thumbsup

  • Hi

    My daughter bought me short sleeve pyjamas with pocket in the top from next. 

    The pocket is the perfect size for the small bottle and stays put inside it the whole night. 

    Hope this helps others