Carboplatin & Vinorelbine

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Met with my Oncologist to discuss treatment plan and have been told that my initial chemo will be 4 cycles of Carboplatin/Vinorelbine.

Has anyone been through this treatment? 

Any advice?



  • Hi Dave, I have had a lot of chemo over my years but not these drugs. I see you have put your post on the Lung Cancer group as well. Let’s look for some answers for you - all the best with your treatment.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi  Dave, I have just started my first cycle of Carboplatin/Vinorelbine and was wondering how you got on with it and any tips you have about side effects. 



  • Hi Jackie, sorry for slow response. Overall my treatment was pretty stress free, first couple of cycles were fine, but missed part of my third cycle due to feeling quite rough, my main side effect was fatigue, but dealt with that by having a bit of a siesta in the afternoons, I always pushed myself to get out and walk every morning so I wasn't just moping about thinking about things (nature is the best medicine!!). Finished my cycles and the only real problem was a bit of neuropathy which has gradually disappeared over time.

    Just take each cycle as it comes, everybody reacts differently, and you could sail through without problems.

    Know it sounds daft but I really enjoyed my sessions, I was in a group of 10 chairs and met some great people, we were like a class if naughty school kids by the end of our treatments.

    Fingers crossed for you, hope it all goes well for you.

    Dave x

  • Thank you for replying,  I have had a few issues as I already suffer from neuropathy and gerd,  I had 3 days of pain in my arm which they think was from the drip in the back of my hand so I'm waiting for a picc line to be inserted so that I can finish this round.  Still not sure if chemo is the right option as it will only give me an extra 10% of it not returning which will take it from 50/50 to 60/40 of it not returning in 2 years. I suppose like you say take it each day as it comes and try to get out. 

    Jackie x

  • Obviously you know your own situation and how you can handle the treatments, but my own way of thinking is that any potential advantage we are given to try and fight back should be explored, whilst I know it's difficult, I think it is very important to try and remain mentally strong and positive during the whole process.

    Dave x