Chemo Bloat

Hi Folks, I am sharing a question from the Kidney group to help a friend . . . . .

Hi Everyone  here.
I finished Gem/ Cis chemo for Stage 4 kidney cancer etc etc, back in Jan 22 but am still suffering from chemo stomach bloat which is uncomfortable. Does anyone have any info re "how much longer does it go on for". ( 4 mths so far) and do you have any combat methods.  Everyone keep  well. Love from Adrian

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    I don't have any experience with this but I noticed that your post hasn't had any replies yet. Having searched this group for others who have posted about chemo stomach bloat, I can see that posted about 3 months ago. I've 'tagged' them into my reply to you in the hope that they'll pop on and tell you about their experience.


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