Neuropathy - any helpful advice?

My dad is currently undergoing his third cycle of chemo for bowel cancer. 

He is got really bad neuropathy in his hands and feet and has recently started walking with a stick because he keeps falling over; he sprained his ankle without realising.

Does anybody have an advice on things he could do? Anything that has been successful for you or your family?

Thanks so much

  • Have you spoken to the chemo team or his nurse? They may be able to help.  Xx

  • Hello, I have peripheral neuropathy caused by treatment, I kept falling over, couldn't keep my balance and had to hold onto people.  My future wasn't looking bright.  A Neurologist I saw about my condition, this was my 3rd opinion because I refused to believe I would not get better, suggested I try physiotherapy and I'm so pleased I did because with the exercises they gave me I can now walk unaided and it's like I  never had any issues.